Create your own score-based questionnaire

Digitise your existing score-based questionnaire

Besides different best-practice questionnaires available in our Content hub, you can also create your own questionnaire templates within 3rdRisk. The platform supports two types:

This article will explain how you can easily create and upload your score-based questionnaire.

Download the score-based template

We have a predefined upload sheet, you can easily download the latest version within your 3rdRisk environment.

Content - Questionnaires - Create questionnaire

You can download the model's latest version of the score-based Excel import template:

Download and open the template.

Score-based assessment template

The spreadsheet contains 3 tabs:

  1. Answers
  2. Questions
  3. Adjusted answers

Tab 1. Answers

In this tab, you provide the different answer options and the scoring:

The scoring is used in the review module, whereby we will calculate:

<question_score> * <answer_score> = total score

Attention points:

  • Do not alter the column titles and first row
  • There is no limitation on the number of answers.
  • Use rounded numbers in the score column
  • Do not use negative scores in the score column

Tab 2. Questions

In the second tab, you can add all your assessment questions.

Attention points:

  • Do not alter the column titles and first row
  • All columns with a red header are required fields and need to have a value
  • Per column, there is a short explanation which will be visible when you mouseover:

  • The columns: purpose, evidence required, and references provide additional information for the receiving party. We integrate this information in the side panel within the assessment:

  • The columns: CommentRequiredForAnswers and AttachmentRequiredForAnswers can be used to define per question when an attachment and/or comment is required. You can specify this per answer option.
  • Simply select the row number from tab 1:


  • We expect an explanatory comment when the answers: Not applicable, No or Partial are answered for this question.
  • If the answer is Yes, with evidence, we require an attachment to be uploaded by the third party.

3rdRisk evidence required for provided answer

  • Use Semicolons (;) per answer key.
  • Row 1 of the first tab is used by the column titles - take the exact row numbers as shown in the example.

Tab 3. AdjustedAnswers

The third tab is optional and can be used for defining differentiation reviewer answer options. Our partners that provide outsourced TPRM services primarily use this functionality.