Action plans

Keeping track of action plans can be a hassle in practice. Within the 3rdRisk platform, you can easily register, manage and monitor all your action plans. Forget standalone spreadsheets or Outlook reminders!

Creating an action plan

An action plan is always associated with one or more issues. To add a new action plan, you must create an issue first. You can also add a new action plan to an existing issue. Learn here how to create an issue or adjust an existing one.

To create a new action plan, open an issue and go to the Action plans tab. Press the Add action plan button to add a new action plan.

This will open the action plan window where you can register the plan:

The action plan window contains the following parameters:

Action plan parametersExplanation
Title<give a short title that explains the content of the action plan>
Planned action(s)<describe the actions that you expect to be performed>
Third-party<if a third party is involved, select the right third party from the list. You can select a third party by start typing>
Owner<provide the action plan owner>
Person to act<provide the person to act>
Criticality<define the criticality of the action plan: low, medium, high or critical>
Due date<set the due date of the planned actions>
Status<indicate whether the action plan is active or closed>
Associated issues<indicate other issues that are associated with this action plan, if any>
Files<attach one or more files that relate to the action plan>
Notes<add internal notes to log any updates on the implementation of the action plan>

Click on the Save and close button to save the defined action plan.

Monitor an action plan

To proactively monitor the different action plans, the platform will pull all these plans from the different issues and add these to the Action plans module:

In this module, you will get a complete overview of all the different action plans, the owner, person to act, scope (location within the organization to which the action plan is applicable), criticality, due date, status, and the number of open issues to which the action plan is linked.

The owner and person to act will be notified about the creation of the action plan and when the due date expires.

If you do not want the owner and or person to act to be notified by the platform's virtual officer, you have to switch the toggle as indicated in the visual above.

Tip: if you want to share an action plan with a colleague, you can easily get the URL by clicking on the clipboard icon at the top right of the Action plan.

Update an action plan

If you want to update an action plan to, for example, populate the field status log, you can easily update the record by clicking on the action button of the applicable action plan. Click on the three dots [...] and press the Edit action plan button.

You can use the notes section at the bottom of the action plan window to add your status updates. Simply click on Add note to document your status updates.

Close an action plan

When an action plan is successfully implemented, or there is no longer a need, you can quickly close an action plan by editing the plan. In the Action plan window, you can set the toggle status to closed.

After changing the toggle status, you need to click the Save and close button.

Report on an action plan

Stay tuned for more information on this feature.