As an organisation, you have a lot of different daily operational activities related to third-party risk management. To keep track of all those different activities and keep each other informed, the 3rdRisk platform comes with an internal integrated message module.

Key characteristics of the Message module

  • Message real-time internally on a specific risk, third-party, contract and more!
  • Forget e-mail or undocumented telephone calls; streamline and record all operational communication activities on the same platform.
  • Create one single source of truth - with all operational activities and the audit log
  • Keep a historical overview for your auditors and use it e.g. future contractual negotiation purposes.

3rdRisk - messages

Modules with messaging functionality

The messaging functionality is generic and fully integrated within the different platform modules:

3rdRisk moduleHow to open messages
RequirementsClick on the title of a requirement
Third-party catalogueClick on the name of a third-party
Third-party contractsClick on an individual contract name - not the third-party name (top row)
Risk registerClick on the title of the risk
Incident registerClick on the title of the incident
AssessmentsClick on the assessment title (second row) - not the third-party name (first row)
Questionnaire libraryClick on the title of the assessment

Screen layout

The message screen is a side-pane (on the right) that automatically opens and closes. It consists of different standardised elements (the red numbers), which are enriched with different types of contextual information per module (yellow numbers):

3rdRisk - messages layout

  1. This is the title of the element (e.g. requirement name, contract name, risk title, incident title)
  2. Responsible colleague for the selected element. This differs per module:
3rdRisk moduleListed role
RequirementsRequirement manager
Third-party catalogueThird-party manager
Third-party contractsContract manager
Risk registerRisk owner
Incident registerIncident owner
AssessmentsAssessment creator
Questionnaire libraryTemplate creator/colleague that added it from the 3rdRisk store

3. This is the risk qualification. This is not applicable for all modules:

3rdRisk moduleRisk qualification
Third-party catalogueThis is derived from the risk profile value on a third-party record
Third-party contractsThis is derived from the risk profile value on a third-party contract
Risk registerThis is derived from the risk score value on a risk record
Incident registerThis is derived from the incident classification value on a risk record
Questionnaire libraryN/A

4. The message channel. Messages are posted with the profile picture of the author and a timestamp (UTC+1)

5. The entry field for typing a new message and next to it, the > button, to post your message.


With the @-sign, you can tag a specific colleague. The platform will auto-suggest users based on your initial input when you start typing after the @:

3rdRisk - messages tag

When you @-mention a colleague in a chat, that person will automatically get a notification via e-mail:

3rdRisk - messages e-mail

Attention points:

  • You can only mention accounts that are activated and have an active status within your user table
  • It is an internal message system, so you can only securely chat with known colleagues

Message retention

All messages posted within the different channels are automatically saved and stored on the element level. It is a repository of all related historical communications, actions and agreements, which you can always browse, without any retention period or sizes, as long you have an active subscription.

Known module limitations

  • There is no search functionality to crawl historic messages easily.
  • You cannot yet share files or movie clips with a message.
  • Editing or deleting a message is not yet possible.