Update password

This article is not applicable if your organisation is using SSO. In that case, please contact your local IT department.

It is a good practice to update your account password regularly.

How to update your password

1. Log in to your 3rdRisk account

2. Click on the user profile icon in the top right corner:

3. Click on [Change password]

4. Provide your current password and set a new one:

5. The platform will dynamically check the minimum password requirements by colouring green when a specific requirement is met:

6. Click on [Change password], and you are done.

Password complexity requirements

The following password complexity requirements are enforced to all accounts on our platform:

  • 12 or more characters
  • At least 1 uppercase character A-Z
  • At least 1 lowercase character a-z
  • At least 1 digit 0-9
  • At least 1 special character (!, $, #, %, etc.)

Email confirmation

We will send you a confirmation email of this password change for security purposes. Contact support@3rdRisk.com directly if you received this email but did not perform a password update.