E-mail templates

This article describes how you can adjust the default e-mail templates that are incorporated into the platform.


E-mail is one of the communication channels used by the platform to engage and involve internal and external stakeholders in risk and compliance activities. Your platform comes with default e-mail templates that can be completely customised to meet your needs. For instance, the text can be adjusted in such a way that it fits the tone of voice of your organisation.

Default e-mail templateBranded e-mail template (example)



If you have applied for custom branding / white labeling, the layout of the e-mail templates will be tailored to your corporate identity. This will be done by the 3rdRisk team and discussed during the custom branding intake.

E-mail templates

By default, the platform includes 10 predefined e-mail triggers and corresponding e-mail templates. Each trigger and template can be customised. The e-mail templates are listed below:

E-mail templateContextSent to
#1. User inviteContains link to create platform user accountNew platform user
#2. Password resetContains password reset link and explanationPlatform user
#3. Password reset confirmationContains password reset confirmationPlatform user
#4. Tag notificationContains notification that user is tagged in chatPlatform user
#5. Assessment inviteContains secure link to access assessment portalThird-party
#6. Assessment reminderContains secure link to access assessment portalThird-party
#7. Assessment submission confirmationContains confirmation of finished assessmentThird-party
#8. Assessment ready for reviewContains direct link to start review assessmentPlatform users that were selected as reviewer
#9. Assessment contains review commentsContains secure link to access assessment portalThird-party
#10. Assessment finishedContains confirmation that assessment is finishedThird-party


The process of reviewing and, if necessary, adjusting the e-mail templates includes five steps.

1. Discuss e-mail templates

The first step involves reviewing the default e-mail templates and discussing whether they need to be adjusted. The majority of our customers are fine with the standard e-mail templates. Your partner or the 3rdRisk team can advise what works best in your specific case.

2. Complete intake form

The second step concerns filling in the intake form. This step is only required if you want to change the e-mail templates. Attached to the intake form is a Word file in which you can make the changes directly.

The intake form consists of the following fields:

  • Customer name: <insert name organisation>
  • Partner name: <provide name partner organisation>
  • Contact person: <provide contact person>
  • Contact details: <insert contact details>
  • Order number: <provide order reference number>
  • Remark: <add a remark if necessary>

3. Review and support

The third step involves review and support. After submitting the intake form and adjusted templates, your partner or the 3rdRisk team will contact you to review your changes and, if necessary, answer your questions.

4. Implement

The fourth step concerns implementing the changes to the e-mail templates. Currently, this needs to be done by the 3rdRisk team. We are working on a feature to allow our customers to change the e-mail communication sent by the platform directly.

5. Approve

The fifth and final step includes the approval of the implementation. Your partner of the 3rdRisk team will evidence that the changes to the e-mail templates have been implemented. You need to approve the changes by e-mail formally.

Download intake form

The e-mail templates intake form can be requested at support@3rdrisk.com.