Create a self-assessment

Process flow

To initiate an assessment, you can just follow an easy 4-step process:

1. Select third-party and contract(s)

  1. Navigate to: Left side menu: Assessments - Planning
  2. Click on [+ Initiate assessment]
  3. Select Self-assessment
  4. Search & select third-party

5. Click on [Next -->]

6. Provide the assessment properties

Field explanations:

Assessment name *Name of the assessment
Description *Description and additional contextual information of this assessment
Due date *The due date that the assessment needs to be completed by your third-party
TagsYou can use the tags-functionality to assign your own specific/internal labels to an assessment. You can search, filter, and create specific reports based on these tags.

E.g. if you want to register all assessments related to third parties of a particular project, you can just add a project tag to these records. At a later stage, you can effortlessly search for assessments related to this project.

Use the tab key on your keyboard to add multiple tags.

7. Click on [Next -->]

8. Select one or more contracts in the scope of this assessment

9. Click on [Next -->]

3. Select questionnaire(s)

You can select one or more available assessments from your questionnaire library.

10. Select the questionnaires that you would like to be part of the assessment:

4. Select domain(s) and reviewer(s)

After selecting the questionnaires that will be part of your assessment, You can drill down into the different sections of an assessment to select one or more domains. This can differ based on the type of assessment and provided services in the contract. E.g. if you have selected a physical security contract, you do not want to include all kinds of questions about data encryption.

11. Click on the customise button of the selected questionnaire(s):

12. If all domains (/sections) are applicable for this assessment, click on Yes: Are all domains of the questionnaire applicable for this assessment? if not, set this answer to No.

13. If one reviewer reviews the assessment results on your side, click on Yes: Is one internal stakeholder responsible for reviewing all selected questionnaire domains?, else click No and select the name of the Internal reviewer. Please refer to the authorisation matrix for the different roles that can perform assessment reviews.

14. If you have selected No at step 12, select one or more domains you would like to include in your assessment.

15. If you have selected No at step 13, provide per selected domain to the internal reviewer. Please refer to the authorisation matrix for the different roles that can perform assessment reviews.

16. Click on [Config]

17. Repeat configuration steps 11-15 for all selected questionnaires. All selected questionnaires should have a green-coloured customize button.

5. Sent

18. Click on [Submit] to send the assessment to your third party.