Create your own yes/no questionnaire

Besides different best-practice questionnaires available in our Content hub, you can also create your own questionnaire templates within 3rdRisk. The platform supports two types:

This article will explain how you can easily create and upload your yes/no questionnaire.

Download the yes/no template

We have a predefined upload sheet, you can easily download the latest version within your 3rdRisk environment.

Content - Questionnaires - Create questionnaire

You can download the model's latest version of the Yes/No CSV import template:

Download and open the CSV with Microsoft Excel.

Yes / No CSV template

The spreadsheet contains 3 columns:

  1. Domain
  2. Question
  3. ExpectedAnswer

In the ExpectedAnswer column, you can define the expected answer: Yes or No. The platform will use this column value to perform the first intake analysis when an assessment is received. This will significantly increase your review efficiency.

Attention points:

  • Do not alter the column titles and first row
  • There is no limitation on the number of questions
  • Make sure you save the file as csv

Upload assessment template

Save the file as a CSV file.