Assessment template library

The questionnaire library is used to store and create questionnaire templates for your assessments.

Questionnaire template types

We distinguish two types of assessment templates in the current release of our platform:

  1. Your questionnaires
  2. The best-practice questionnaires from the platform (3rdRisk content hub)

Assessment template setup

Every assessment questionnaire template has the same setup:

  • Assessment title
    • An assessment consists of one or more domains to group-related questions
      • Per domain, you have one or more questions

When you want to assess the third party, you can select the different relevant domains. E.g. this allows you to only send out all the questions from the domain physical security, and leave out logical access, to your physical security contractor.

Your questionnaires

  1. Navigate to: Left side menu: Content - Questionnaires

Every questionnaire has a unique version number (it will automatically increment when you add a new version) and consists of different domains, e.g. ISO 27001 has asset management, logical access management, physical security etc.

Add a questionnaire

There are two options to add assessment templates to your library:

  1. The 3rdRisk content hub
  2. Upload your questionnaire

1. The 3rdRisk platform store

1. Navigate to the Top-right menu: 3rdRisk Content hub

2. You will enter the (blue-coloured) 3rdRisk content hub:

3. Search for the relevant questionnaire

4. Click on [Get], and the questionnaire will be downloaded to your content library.

5. Click close if you want to add more questionnaire templates, or click [My questionnaires] to return to your 3rdRisk account.

6. Or click [My 3rdRisk] in the top navigation bar to return to your 3rdRisk environment.

2. Upload your questionnaire template

1. Navigate to: Left side menu: Content - Questionnaires

2. Click on [+ Create questionnaire]

3. Fill in the form.

TitleThe name of the questionnaire
DescriptionShort description of the questionnaire. You can use this field to explain when and how this questionnaire should be applied. E.g. all third parties that work with chemicals should be assessed yearly by this questionnaire.

Yes / no questionnaire

Simple, straightforward questionnaire template for assessments with only yes/no questions.


Yes/no questionnaire template

Score-based questionnaire

This is a more advanced questionnaire template meant for assessments that have questions with multiple answers and/or would like to integrate a scoring mechanism.


Score-based questionnaire template

4. Within this form, you can quickly obtain the latest 3rdRisk assessment upload sheets

5. Click on [Submit] to add the questionnaire template to your library.

View questionnaire template

1. Navigate to: Left side menu: Content - Questionnaires

2. Open de menu in the Action column to view the questions and domains of the questionnaire template:

3rdRisk assessment library

3rdRisk assessment template content

Update a questionnaire template

When you have an updated questionnaire, you can add this one as a new one. The platform will automatically increment the version number.

Data integrity
Please note that the platform will always keep old versions of your questionnaires, and you cannot alter existing questionnaires. This is because these questionnaires might already be used within historical assessments; thus, we cannot remove or edit these questionnaires from a data integrity perspective.

Remove a questionnaire template.

Please note that in the current platform release, removing a questionnaire template is impossible. You have the option of not using it or contacting our support department if you need to have the template removed.